Besides dramatically improving labor efficiency, the WaterBoy’s greatly helps reduce Perishable Loss, and Creates a more professional work environment resulting in higher quality end product. Utilizing the right tool for the job, the WaterBoy is Much Easier on Your Workers Too! This helps Reduce Workman’s Comp Issues, sick days, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The WaterBoy Eliminates the Hazards of Lugging Open Buckets of water and/or Dragging Hoses in High Customer Areas. This Dramatically Improves Overall Safety by Reducing the chances of Slip / Trip and Fall Accidents.

Having a Portable Water Source enables you to care for, display and merchandize floral product anywhere, in your store, with total convenience, economy of use, and with a minimum of labor time needed.

With the New Spray Attachments, the WaterBoy Transforms form and Irrigator into a Sprayer/ Atomizer! This can be used for Washing Down cases, and, not only Sanitizing Produce, but Fish, Meat, and Floral areas as well. It’s great for Sanitizing Lunch Rooms, Bathrooms, and Customer Service Areas, etc.

“I’ve stood behind my WaterBoy Watering Machines from the very first one, sold back in 1980s, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. When you’ve made Portable Irrigation and Spraying Systems your life work, you take it very seriously”.

Bill Lyon, the President of Plant-TecH2O, graduated Cornell University School of Horticulture. His final thesis was “ The Future of Plant Care and Handling” at which time, he devised the Portable Irrigator. He has been granted 3 U.S. Patents for Watering Devices.

The first WaterBoy was commercially available in 1980s. These professional Watering Systems have been time tested, are the Safest, Best Equipped Watering Machines on the Market, with, the Most Specialized Customer Service due to our comprehensive network of Knowledgeable Industry Specific Distributors.

An independent study clearly shows that the WaterBoy Watering Machines save up to 66% in labor costs, over hand watering. What once took 1 hour of messy, labor-intensive hand watering, now takes a neat, ergonomic, ultra-efficient 20 minutes. That equates to a ROI in around 3 months, in Labor Savings Alone!

Bill Lyon, President of Plant-TecH2O
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Bill Lyon
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