Light-Weight Fibrespun Series
Heavy Duty Metal Series
Available in 12, 22 & 36 Gallon Models
Light-Weight Fibrespun Watering Machines
Heavy Duty Metal Watering Machines
Available in 16 & 25 Gallon Models
Floral Care Station Series
Portable Floral Plant Care Stations
Available in 11 & 14 Gallon Models
Economy Series
Economy Watering Machines
Available in 11 Gallon Model
These WaterBoy Units are designed for cold to temped water use ONLY. Hot water may damage the rubber diaphragm,
& will void the warranty.

WaterBoys must be EMPTY when transported in motor vehicles. Failure to do so, may damage the rubber diaphragm & will void the warranty.

Tanks must cool to room temperature water. If transported in hot vehicles, failure to do so may damage the rubber diaphragm & will void the warranty.

Wands should be drained of water when not in use to prevent freezing & cracking of wand & will void the warranty.
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WB F 12
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WB F 22
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WB F40
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WB M 16
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WB M 25
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WB U 14
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WB U 11
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WB M 11E
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Double Productivity with Zero Energy Consumption or Emissions.

Free green energy is available at every sink. HydroPneumatic (water/air) technology can cut watering tine in half, with up to 10 times less sstrain on workers! ROI in as little as 4 months, an independent study shows.

Cross Merchandise
Water,clean, fill move product anywhere, inside or out. Your Floral Work Station is the most efficient way for floral personnel to care for cross merchandised products throughtout the store. Watering cans are messy, time consuming and a real pain.

Virtually Maintenance Free
The Work Station Tank is rated at 100,000 cycles, that's using it 20 times a day for 10 years. Besides 4 wheels, there are virtually no moving parts, so there is very little maintenance needed.

Reduce Costs
Watering Machines allow floral techs the time to effieciently and effectively care for healthy, keeping it, thereby reducing shrink. They are Activity Based Costing friendly, so you can be in the green, right down to your bottom line.

Less time to water a plant department using a WaterBoy            
An Independent Supermarket Inter-Office Engineering Study* compared the time it took the WaterBoy Watering Machine versususing Watering Cans, to water floral departments (equipped with sinks). The study shows there is an average of 50% decrease in the time it took to water a plant department using a WaterBoy.
ROI Study
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